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824 Front Street
(find us on Dock St.)

Douglas, Alaska


Daily 9am-9pm

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Alaska State Library- Juliane Nick Dexter Photo Collection

Alaska State Library-Juneau Families Photo Collection

Hey there! We are Kent and Julie , casual, outdoorsy folks who enjoy cannabis and enjoy sharing it with our community.


As the 9th marijuana retail store in CBJ, we proudly serve Douglas, Alaska (and all Juneauites) offering a unique blend of history and culture.


Transitioning into the cannabis industry from backgrounds in accounting, teaching, and construction, we offer a wide selection of cannabis products to help you focus, sleep, relax, or even find a special gift for the cannabis enthusiasts in your life.

Come by and see our products today.

Treadwell Herb Company is more than just a Juneau, Alaska dispensary. 



kent: CBD Honey

Good in so many things, but if you need to eat it straight we also have honey sticks.

julie: dark chocolate with salt

Dark chocolate, yum.  With salt, yummier. With THC, yummiest!

mandy: blueberry pancake pre-roll

The 1 gram Blueberry Pancake pre-rolls are delicious - for breakfast or any time!

Our (current) favorite Products


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